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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCA Recommended Speakers 2019-2020 Text

NameSpeaker DescriptionPhone
Chris ArnoldIronman and Triathlete615-390-5397
Justin Arnold
former college soccer player, current coach, and Hikes Point Christian Youth Minister
William Blackfordrecently graduated Centre College football player.855-1224

Noble Bogerformer soccer player; current Asst. Soccer Coach; Youth Pastor at Fairdale Christian Church812-890-0764
Shanette BordusSpeaks on rewards of righteous living and keeping Christianity in a practical lifestylec)387-6977
Hailey BrayBellarmine FCA leader; high school volleyball coach at CEC551-1177
Carl Brazleyformer NFL player with Bills, Vikings and Chargers; President of Mo Better Marketing550-2547
Dennis BrooksHead Soccer Coach at Boyce College639-3848
Rene Brownformer college football player, current military727-8741
Cash Cameronformer HS basketball player593-0329
Connor Clarecurrent Bellarmine swimmer523-2441
Maurice Clarkformer WR for U of L951-609-5332
Kory Clementformer Wheaton College swimmer (20 min. range from Downtown Louisville616-916-5440
Austin Clemmons
former U of L Baseball player; Tues. or Thurs. mornings only
Michael CooperPastor that emphasizes the importance of pursuing Jesus as a student athlete  (Oldham schools only)309-261-1978
Dale CorumMarathon runner and road racer387-6225
Josh CrabtreeU of L Women's basketball practice player314-7638
Winfurd Cross
Has served in prison ministry and church & sports recreation
Mount DavisIronman Competitor417-6717
Skyler Davisformer College Soccer player; current Youth Pastor502-314-1286
Montrey Dealformer football player; current Christian hip-hop artist301-0986
Todd DeerrGolf instructor; who has overcome gambling issues419-8610
Josh Deppformer kicker at Georgetown College937-902-2937
Drew DillmanNCAA D1 Cyclocross National Champion / Cyclist Trainer435-1338
Cody Elbertformer football player Georgetown College; current FCA Staff554-5168
Matt ErxlebenStudent minster of SW Campus SECC618-367-0726
Bryan Esterdayformer baseballand football player; current FCA Staff744-0550
Lizzie Esterdayformer U of L Conference champion rower. ( available - Tuesday and Thursday only)475-6384
Justin FrostPlayed in National Flag football tournaments. (JCPS MS & HS only)317-435-7591
Chris Gambertcurrent Bellarmine baseball player762-4173
David GarrardMagician who uses tricks to point to God's truth in life905-2512
Caleb Garzaformer H.S. football kicker, Texas A&M FCAer512-539-9942
Margaret GeraghtyU of L Rowing team937-672-7586
Neal GossettSports & Fitness Director at Southeast Christian Church817-5241
Chase GrubbTriathlete, Hustbourne Baptist Youth Minister423-341-0566
Dave Hamlinformer college baseball player and former coach at Milligan College (High School only; no Tuesdays).(502)321-6351
Josh HardinYouth & Family Pastor Highview Valley Station / former soccer & girls basketball coach270-268-3197
Beau Henderson

Children’s Minister at Trinity Chapel (Elementary schools only)

Brandon Hillformer KY State Univ basketball player608-1969
Simon Hoehnformer D3 football player / current Physical Therapist812-480-3205
Eileen HornbackGreat powerpoint presentation about her teenage son's car accident664-3944
Chris Huntcurrent Bellarmine soccer player (Wed. & Fri. only)859-684-1082
Cody HutchinsonYouth & Family Pastor Shively Christian / played H.S. Baseball817-1206
Jason Johnsoncurrent Youth Minister @FBC Mt. Washington502-930-6244
Samuel Johnsoncurrent Soccer player at Boyce College269-277-7003
Matt Kingformer HS Wrestler; current SECC Intern269-270-6385
Autumn Laughlinformer U of L softball player541-8062
Erika Lawscurrent Bellarmine Soccer player540-8404
Jake Lewellenformer U of K football player316-0575
Trevor Linescurrent Bellarmine baseball player815-919-1101
Scott Longformer U of L wide receiver; current teaching Pastor, Highview Baptist Church777-1818
Megan LundySoftball Coach at Fairdale High School641-8019
Eric Lutzformer baseball player; current Youth Pastor (Oldham Co. & Henry Co. only)502-608-9313
Colin LymanU of L baseball player224-489-8821
Hannah MagnusonU of L Swimmer693-2297
Dennis MangumRetired Teacher, Coach, and Martial Arts instructor648-4257
Amos Martinformer NFL 2-time SuperBowler with the Minnesota Vikings639-2758
Amanda Matsumotoplayed softball at Charleston Southern Univ. (JCPS - any day, other counties - Wed. only)224-234-3280
Casey McCall
Background in baseball; speaks on how Jesus is central in everything we do in life; our sport, school, friends, family, etc.
Cheyenne McCallSpeaks on being fearfully & wonderfully made (Fridays only)408-7031
Mike McCartyHead Baskeball Coach at Boyce College (JCPS only Tu, Wed, Thurs only)381-0662
Joe MerrittHighview Bapt Staff; played HS football (East-End JCPS schools only)904-806-0981
Austin MillerHigh School sport athlete; involved in U of L Campus Ministries; Firefighter859-913-9295
Alex Minogueformer Campbellsville University soccer415-5801
Tyler Minogueformer Bellarmine Univ. Baseball player; Comm. Pastor SECC548-1663
Chris MorganFCA staff (U of L FCA); former Campbellsville Univ. football captainc)777-0400
John Mullaycurrent Bellarmine baseball player270-980-0999
Alex NolanIronman Triathlon finisher; Ultra Marathoner881-9886
Terry O'bryanformer soccer player @ South Oldham502-777-9143
Daria OchenkowskiBellarmine University Cross Country runner859-806-5064
Mason Paasrecently graduated All-American Lacrosse player Centre College741-5698
Roger Palmerformer Football player; Ministry Consultant with Crossings678-699-2071
Jake Pendredcurrent Bellarmine baseball player (Mon. & Wed. afternoons only).517-898-6223
Roxane Perry
played basketball and softball at Georgetown College; current FCA Staff
Brent PhillipsYouth Pastor Ormsby Heights / played H.S. Football & Track270-572-1500
Cam PottsYouth Minister, LaGrange Baptist931-1113
Dennis PouletteSpringdale Church Youth Minister727-389-9588
Chris Pryorformer collegiate Rugby @EKU (team captain) /football, basketball, tacke in HS502-296-5614
Tom ReadSpeaks on creationism vs. evolution502-548-5063
Jason ReynoldsSports Agent turned non-profit starter Purp Me939-9445
James RheaumeAmerican Ninja Warrior Trainer & Spartan Athlete (thru December only).851-5078
Alexis Robertsformer Ohio Wesleyan field hockey; current U of L Athletics Graduate Assistant810-4275
Matt Robisonplayed Baseball, Basketball, Football; Coached basketball and wrestling; current SECC Comm. Pastor678-308-8134
Brie Robinsonformer HS Cheer; current Grad School (Tues and Wed. only)270-339-5136
Dylan Sandersformer H.S. Soccer; Worship & Family Pastor at New Castle (Henry Co. only).706-773-5772
Debbie SchellerHas run numerous marathons and done long distance bike events.376-7803
Jon Searleplayed basketball at Cincinnati Christian Univ.; SECC Fitness Staff276-477-0563
Dylan Sextonformer Bellarmine baseball502-468-2919
Victoria ShedronSpalding University Track & Cross Country (available Wed. or Thurs. only)765-242-9014
Shane SimmonsFormer football player at Male HS. (JCPS schools only)759-4405
Eddie SmithFormer arena and Dartmouth Univ. football player640-9088
Morgan Springerformer Ole Miss Volleyball player (Jefferson Co. only)291-7998
Dave Spruellformer Arkansas baseball player; current SECC staff minister770-365-5874
Taylor StarrRecently graduated college soccer player / SECC Youth Staff386-6738
Brina Stephensmarathon runner; KCD Cross Country Coach (mornings only)541-2765
Lauren StephensBellarmine Track Athlete (Tues., Wed., Thurs., only)767-1277
Tyler Sweedencollege football at UT Martin (JCPS MS & HS only)471-1590
Bryan TerryCoordinator of Transformed Basketball ministry724-4423
Deanna TerryEvangelism & Church Planting KY Baptist Convention709-3217
Jason Townsformer collegiate Track athlete & collegiate basketball, FCA Staff407-4718
Charlie Traughber
Ohio Elite Soccer Acad. Dir. of Coaching; has inspiring story about following God's lead.
Mike TrippHas run 7 marathons; former missionary in Philippines498-7920
Carson Troutmanformer FCA Intern; Swimmer (afternoons only)648-4391
Terrence Turmanformer football player for the University of West Georgia; singles pastor at Southeast Christian706-988-4944
Steve VanZantcurrent Attorney, former H.S. all-state football & Sweet 16 Basketball270-734-1434
Gabby VincentU of L Soccer410-292-5743
Ryan WaggonerYouth Minister, Valley View Church270-627-1295
Nitaya WalkerU of L track (Tuesdays & Thursdays only)270-438-6308
Tessa Walshcurrent Volleyball player for Boyce College (Wednesdays & Fridays only)973-349-5560
John Wellerding2 time winner of Derby Mini-Marathon458-8637 or 593-3552
Steve WiggintonFCA staff; ball handling routine, spins 8 basketballs797-9532
Teal WiggintonHas run multple marathons; current Cross Country Coach Highlands Latin School. (Fridays only)502-938-5818
Will Wileyformer baseball player; Got saved through the ministry of FCA410-200-7029
Adam WolfeU of L Baseball player (October thru January only)419-366-9426
Kelsi WorrelOlympic Swimmer (Wednesdays only) 609-969-9775